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Investment Property Advisors (IPA) was formed in 2000 as a flat Brokerage company to provide owners and investors in Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, Eastern Indiana, and SC. The two principals are Jeff Steve and Dilbone Turman. Together they have 72 many years of brokerage experience in this local market over. IPA is focused on maximizing an owner’s property value.

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Foreign governments part with the national bourgeoisie to draw out concessions and take advantage of cheap labor. The national bourgeoisie allow this because they don’t value the national welfare. They are enjoying in foreign countries in permanent vacations aboard yachts, clubs, and hotels. They lavish themselves with various luxuries from Europe and America.

The classic examples Fanon furnishes are Latin American countries. Meanwhile the people languish in poverty. The masses’ struggle for resources that were offered under the old colonial economy. The people are victims of identity politics because they can only point their fingers with their neighbor. If they point against the national government, they are either deceived by the long speech of the first choice or shot at by the military.

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Fanon argues to avoid this kind of stagnation and corruption in underdeveloped countries, there has to be a Leninist style proletarian revolution. This revolution will kick out the bourgeoisie. It will secondly educate people politically in cooperatives so that they can be informed in how to govern themselves. The revolutionaries will thirdly bring up areas that are under symbolized by decentralizing the party and educating people not in the underdeveloped areas.

The revolutionaries will finally invest in to the overall economy and develop the industries so that progress can be made. Fanon’s diagnosis of the nationwide middle income and their follies is completely correct. His analysis of the reason for ethnic riots and spiritual wars are also correct. The public people in underdeveloped countries fight over resources to survive.

From the most basic resources such as normal water to plush jobs in the civil service sector, people’s battle to survive. The public of Latin America, Central America, and Africa go through this type or kind depravation because of the ignorance and foolishness of the nationwide middles class. Fanon’s goal of educating the people is necessary and noteworthy. The masses should have a say in their government. However, his approach to using a Leninist style groundbreaking committee should be achieved with great extreme caution as there is every chance that it might end up being the Stalinist style dictatorship.

While Fanon’s evaluation of the uselessness of the nationwide bourgeois and the justification he provides are true and necessary, an ideological route is not smart always. The policy of the national government will include all the goals which Fanon said, but it will involve realpolitik fulfilling the needs of people. The economic needs of the country ought to be addressed in a Democratic fashion allowing government ownership on sectors where it will be most profitable to the masses and allowing private enterprise where it could be of the greatest assistance.