Get Confident With Makeup!

Get Confident With Makeup! 1

If you are feeling that you’re not very confident as it pertains to applying makeup, OR you’re concerned about applying too MUCH makeup and looking ‘overdone’ BUT still want to look put together – you’re heading to LOVE this beauty guide! I’ve hand-picked user friendly products that will NEVER look cakey OR fake!

This luminous multi-tasking primer requires down any redness or age places, smoothes fine lines, and helps your makeup will go on SMOOTHER and last LONGER! PLUS dab this illuminating primer on your cheekbones and brow bone fragments for a barely-there highlighted shine that subtly emphasizes the curves of your face without looking like you’re putting on lots of makeup, a simple youthful shine just!

This airy, weightless foundation shows off your skin in a soft-focus, sunset light (the most effective light for beautiful looking skin!) without feeling heavy or cakey – so people will discover your pores and skin, NOT the makeup! This game-changing duo makes eye look brighter, more lifted and more rested, while looking PRETTY & NATURAL still! Plus, it makes eyes look larger AND enhances the natural color and shape of your eyes too! Wear this primer underneath your favorite mascara to give your lashes south-boosting volume and eye-opening length that still look natural!

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THIS mascara is unlike some other thanks to its super-slender wand that coats Each and every lash (those baby lashes that other mascaras don’t reach, this one does!) assisting make eyes look more open up and emphasizing their beautiful almond form! PLUS it’s truly buildable, which means you can go from natural & pretty lashes to voluminous & WOW lashes in simply a few swooshes- with minimum clogs! Only a drop of the watercolor blush provides cheeks & lips that beautiful, ‘just come in from a long winter walk’ glow – PLUS it suits all skin tones!

If you’ve never dared to wear blush before, let this one be your first! You’ll fall in love at first application! A slick of this hydrating lip potion makes lips look plumper, sexier, and more youthful PLUS it treats and nourishes dry lips at the same time! Wear only or over your most liked lip color.

Notice those deep red or brown marks left when the skin we have is healing from acne? Those are caused by hyper-pigmentation. SkinLYcious 8-in-1-whitening sunscreen helps to prevent such pigmentation from forming and lighten existing pigmentation. When we have acne Even, good sun safety shouldn’t be neglected. Again, I am amazed by the product pleasantly. It really is SUPER lightweight.