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While the long-term bull market in bonds was on, investors could switch to the relationship market when the currency markets was not successful and generate income. Then the bonds were moving differently that the currency markets. We have been in a bond bull market for such a long time, few people remember a bond bear market.

Most people discuss a 30 12 months bull market, which is longer than most current traders have been trading. The problem I see would be that the switch from stock to relationship and again won’t work in the bond bear market. Also I’ve no basic idea why people would buy ETFs of bonds or Mutual Money with bonds. Since bond interest and values rates move in opposite directions, you will lose capital when rates of interest rise. Of course this is the only long term if you buy and sell in the open market, which Mutual and ETS Funds does.

If you buy bonds yourself, which is super easy, you’ll get back again your capital if you hold the relationship until maturity. Bonds are extremely easy to buy. When I bought them I would telephone the brokerage TD series and ask what they have in bonds. I think you can also get them online via the TD website now. 100.00. Remember that interest bonds and rates values go in the opposite direction. If a hold a bond to maturity, you’ll get back your money plus interest promised when you purchased the bond.

100, which means that it’s selling for mortgage loan lower than the one the bond was issued with. 100 per unit at maturity. 100 per device at maturity. 100 per unit, it means that the relationship is selling for an interest rate higher than the relationship was issued with.

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100.00 per device at the maturity of the relationship. Element of your interest shall be covered in the excess money you get at Maturity. You’ll be taxed on the interest received and you’ll have a capital gain for the difference between what you paid for the bond and what you received at maturity.

The only thing that is changed is that you can now buy bonds online through some brokerages. So to repeat the good thing about actually buying your bonds is that if you hold these to maturity you’ll get your capital back. Friday, March 23, 2018 around 5 pm. This blog is meant for educational purposes only and is never to provide investment advice.

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