Lupita Nyong’o Started A Makeup Petition In High School For The Best Reason

Lupita Nyong'o Started A Makeup Petition In High School For The Best Reason 1

Many people’s first introduction to Lupita Nyong’o was through her Academy Award-winning role in 12 Years a Slave and the impactful speech she offered on inclusivity and beauty standards while collecting her statue. This significant second was a turning point in Hollywood. But as it happens, the sentiment was traditional Lupita.

Because, this week as the celebrity distributed within an interview with InStyle, she’s been championing women’s empowerment and challenging beauty specifications since she was a kid. Recalling her experience at an all-boys high school, in which there were only a small number of girls, she told the publication, “There is an archaic rule that said that girls could not wear makeup to school.

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