In this short article, we take a look at how technology such as robotic automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is changing and benefiting the investment banking industry. Banks are made up of different areas. They have retail banking, which is about providing loans, bank or investment company accounts and other services to everyone. There is certainly business banking, which provides loans, banks accounts and other services to small businesses.

Investment bank is a division of a bank or investment company that is a lot more complex and riskier than retail or business banking. 2. Market Making – for the currency markets to work it needs sellers and purchasers ready to trade stocks. This implies if a buyer wants to buy shares in a stock, they’ll continually be someone willing to trade.

It does mean, if someone wants to market their shares there will be a buyer. Banks act as market makers showing liquidity in the stock market. Without a profitable service for banks, it is seen as an exclusive service to provide. 3. Mergers & Acquisitions – one proper way to increase your company and reduce competition is by merging or acquiring your competitors or other complementary businesses. Investment banks offer advice, deal structures, and homework to companies during M&A activities. 4. Corporate Events – a company might want to raise capital, and they can do this by issuing stocks or bonds.

The investment bank or investment company can do two main things during this process, 1. Offer advice and find buyers to choose the stocks, 2. Underwriting, which means the bank will buy the shares for a percentage of the charge raised. 5. Structured Products – is a packed product like a single security, a container of securities, options, indices, goods, debts issuance, or foreign currencies, that are used to sell to the general public or organizations.

What’s occurring in investment banking? A person with any interest in an investment bank or the currency markets knows banking institutions have been using computer systems to perform investments for years, known as algorithmic trading. Algorithmic trading uses a computer program that comes after a defined group of instructions to put a trade at the swiftness and rate of recurrence that is impossible for a human being trader to implement.

There is also High-Frequency Trading (HFT) which is a subset of algorithmic trading where stocks and shares are bought and then sold in fractions of a second. Over the entire years more and more trading is being done by computers rather than people. ‘ – “in 2000, Goldman Sachs’s New York headquarters employed 600 traders, investing stock on the orders of the investment bank’s large clients. 500,000 a year, but four investors can be changed by one computer engineer now.

In 2017, over 30% of Goldman Sachs employees were computer engineers. The world of investment bank has changed, and it proceeds to get more technologically advanced. Investment banks and hedge funds are actually focusing on hiring computer programmers, artificial intelligence experts, data scientists, and other computer experts. Of headhunting bankers from other banks Instead. They’re acquiring talent from outside the industry such as IBM and Microsoft. September 2018 In, JP Morgan headhunted Apoorv Saxena who was the top of Product Cloud AI Verticals at Google. Now at JP Morgan, Saxena is the relative head of Artificial Intelligence.

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Earlier in 2018 JP Morgan also hired Dr Manuela Veloso. Veloso was the Head of the Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University, considered the best institution in neuro-scientific artificial cleverness broadly. She joined JP Morgan as the Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research. About one-third of J.P. Morgan’s recent, older hires are from outside the industry. In fact, JP Morgan has a united team of 50,000 technologists, which is more than Twitter and Facebook mixed.

10.8 billion a year investing in this area of their bank or investment company. Banks are certainly in the war for talent regarding computer experts. Banks are trying to provide customers with simpler, better, and faster ways of conducting business with them. Automation and AI are techniques banks believe will offer their customers an excellent service.

If you’re looking to work in a bank, no longer can it seem that participating in a top school to study economics is the best a route. Instead, you need to focus on studying computer science, artificial mathematics, or intelligence. Apart from trading, what else has been computerized in investment banking? In June 2017, Goldman Sachs announced that it acquired mapped out the 127 steps it takes to execute a short Public Offering. It found that about half of those steps could be done by computer systems rather than people.