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The romantic relationship between hedge funds and prime brokers forms the core of and drives the alternative investment industry. It is at the heart of our financial marketplaces. Neither could can be found without the other. This relationship revolves around and is dependant on the best brokerage agreement. Day workshop and find out how they are crafted Attend this one, what requirements they derive from and the impact of the credit turmoil.

Should hedge money be governed? Is regulation preferable to disclosure? The G20 has called for hedge fund legislation. IOSCO has produced a consultation on Hedge Funds Oversight, the EC has released a draft Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers. Hedge Fund Regulation explores the legislative, legal, and compliance developments affecting hedge funds. An expert panel will delve into related matters such as the Credit Crisis, its causes and the role of hedge money. Representatives from major regulatory and politics authorities will take part in an open dialogue with this critical and timely subject.

Koda Capital leader Paul Heath said advisers were offering LICs and getting conflicted remuneration due to a FoFA “loophole”. “The Hayne royal commission payment report said all too often when there’s a conflict between the duty to the client and personal interest, personal interest received,” Mr Heath said. Mr Heath said LICs had several structural problems for mum and father traders. First, the capital is long lasting so the normal discipline of client outflows and inflows, at the mercy of investment performance, don’t apply.

“Once the money is elevated, it’s raised,” Mr Heath said. Second, there may be a disconnect between your market price of the LIC and the fundamental performance of the account supervisor. Often LICs trade at a discount to the fund’s world-wide web asset value. “Once you start to visit a negative NTA, a negative spiral is established and it’s almost impossible to stop,” Mr Heath said. Third, there is a lack of liquidity in the LIC market credited to a limited pool of buyers and sellers.

Fourth, there is generally no self-employed broker research on LIC listings and there is a lack professional traders to ensure accurate “price discovery”, Mr Heath said. LICs have become a favorite vehicle for account managers and stock brokers, who have come under commercial pressure from the rise of ETFs and tougher financial regulations.

Wilson Asset Management mind Geoff Wilson says it would be unfair to ban sales commissions on LICs. 3.2 billion, said LICs didn’t pay trailing commissions and it would be unfair to ban sales commissions if these were allowed for preliminary open public offerings (IPOs) and capital raisings. “It might be illogical to single out outlined investment companies,” he said. A counter view compared to that is that IPOs and capital raisings inject new money into real companies to develop. LICs are an investment product or strategy, no operating business really.

Gold is leading right now but right from the start of the bull market (roughly 2000 for this), the major, overall development has been that pattern is still up. SHOULD I choose gold that doesn’t pay interest or will I choose paper money with an intention rate that is so ridiculously low that it really doesn’t matter? The rationale for buying gold in recessions has been that recessions make for rates of interest lower than inflation traditionally, this means the purchasing power of your cash in the lender is falling.

Hunt makes a valid point: government authorities can’t print yellow metal so reverting back to a fiat money system supported by gold would push them to control spending and restrict their ability to borrow. The money would restore its value and the overall economy would be strengthened. One expert, Steve Forbes (published of Forbes Magazine) is predicting that the United States will get back to the precious metal standard within the next five years.

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Byron King, older mining and energy analyst for Agora Financial, told us by e-mail why yellow metal is gathering popularity over many other types of investments especially in today’s troubled market. King went on to describe how the natural value of silver makes it easy to determine your online worth and disregard market fluctuations like rising gas and food prices or risks of job or casing losses. As we mentioned earlier, gold increases one’s purchasing power, thus shielding people from the financial fluctuations caused by fiat-currency depreciation. It is a finite source and unaffected by governmental manipulations. Owning yellow metal is the best hedge against future market collapses, further credit rating downgrades or the demise of the American money.

Run out of money? No nagging problem if you will be the federal government. You just print more income and continue your spending spree. The problem with this scenario is the law of supply and demand. The more money you print the less value it has because the supply is greater than the demand. Since there is no limit to the amount of fiat currency government authorities can print, yellow metal is a finite product that the federal government cannot create at will. There is so much gold to go around, so as the price of the dollar is constantly on the fall, the price of gold is soaring to record highs. For more advice and tips, be sure to look at Bright Hub’s Guide to Investing in Precious Metals. Telephone interview, David Morgan, 08/11/2011, recognized industry analyst in the valuable metals consultant and market for hedge funds, high net worth investors, mining companies, depositories, and bullion dealers.