HOW EXACTLY TO Do An Intervention

HOW EXACTLY TO Do An Intervention 1

You have come to the blog because you are considering weight-loss surgery or you are a loved one of some considering weight loss surgery. The chances of your failing reforming his / her piggish behaviors are slim and nothing. There are ways to motivate and get visitors to do the right thing but it requires a treatment of sorts. I recommend that you watch the show Intervention and observe the behavior of junkies and the aggravation of their love ones. You will undoubtedly see parallels.

It could be very maddening. I could explain how it is done but it requires good examples, a support system, planning, and the capability to learn strategies. It takes a skilled interventionist working the show and since there are no interventionists that work with gluttons you have to be that interventionist. Like Sow Mother Like Piglet Daughter OINK!

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The manners of the druggie or drunk are pretty much like the actions of the glutton but with some major distinctions. First, a person can live without drugs or booze, but we humans need food, water, and air. Food is not considered a dangerous medication but it kills more folks than all the booze and drugs combined. Also, the thing that is to sustain life is becoming addictive there, deadly and unhealthy. When confronting your glutton, you will be met with the same resistance as you’ll if you confronted a junkie or a drunk.

You will be met with denial, lying down, hostility, the excuses, and the guilt. Addicts are extremely unpleasant people generally as well as your impulse may be to slap the shit out of them which works but in this PC world we can not legally do this. We have to be smart and use verbal judo. Make an idea. A grouped relative or friend proposes a treatment and forms a planning group.

Form the intervention team. Choose specific consequences. Make notes on what to say. Hold the intervention meeting. Before you try this watch some interventions on TV or YouTube and watch them with your team. You may fail the first time nevertheless, you may be successful eventually. You must decide if it’s worth the effort.

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