Nars Responds To Customers Against Animal Testing

Nars Responds To Customers Against Animal Testing 1

Normally, makeup enthusiasts head to Nars Cosmetics’s Instagram to look at the prettiest new launches and looks to try. But scroll through the brand’s most recent content, and you’ll observe that commenters are speaking up about something else: the company’s decision to market in China. In case you’re unfamiliar, China requires animal testing for certain products – which means that brands that want to enter the marketplace must post to the practice under law and no much longer meet the criteria as cruelty-free.

Given the mind-boggling backlash, Today and straight addressed its customers with an Instagram post Nars broke its silence. “We want you to know that people hear you,” the business wrote. “The global elimination of animal tests must happen. We firmly believe that product and ingredient protection can be proven by non-animal methods, but we must comply with the local laws and regulations of the marketplaces in which we operate, including in China.

We are determined to make NARS available in China because we feel it is important to bring our vision of beauty and artistry to fans in the region. Judging by the response, many supporters are unsatisfied with that answer still, given that the company is still moving forward with its preliminary decision.

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“If you need a cruelty-free world, don’t do it, don’t sell in China,” published Instagram consumer @vnocemakeup. “Make China change their laws and regulations and then we can speak about global elimination of pet tests.” Other comments echoed those sentiments, pointing out that the reason didn’t make sense. As the brand happens to be sticking with its intend to sell in China, it did add that it’s seeking different ways to eliminate animal testing globally. “NARS is dedicated and actively working to move forward alternate testing methods,” it wrote. “We are proud to aid the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS), a globally known organization at the forefront of evolving non-animal methods in China and around the world.

Updated Jul. 5, 1:40PM: Beauty expert and animal advocate Kat Von D just added her tone of voice to the conversation in an Instagram post that’s quickly eliminated viral. Kat has been very vocal about the need for beauty brands to visit cruelty-free and she illustrated her point with some images on her feed. She added that the images weren’t designed merely to surprise or disturb customers, but to open their eye to the consequences of animal screening and make them think twice about brushing off Nars’s recent news. See her full post here (and be aware, as she says, that this content is disturbing).

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