4. On The Top Right Corner

4. On The Top Right Corner 1

One of the goals of the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics is to promote the introduction of ethically accountable students who’ll become future experts in business, economics, and other related fields. As responsible users of the Mihaylo College community, students are expected to adhere to the highest requirements of educational integrity and overall ethical conduct. All newly accepted graduate students are required to match the Mihaylo College Ethics Requirement before registering for their first semester.

The Mihaylo College Ethics requirement includes three parts. The first part requires that you read three documents. Second, you must read and recognize the Mihaylo College Student Code of Ethics. And last, you must take and pass an ethics quiz. Following the quiz is exceeded by you, be sure to print the first page of the results and keep it for your personal information. The results page will include your score and CWID. It is estimated that it will require approximately 30 – 45 minutes to complete this requirement. Step 2 2. After reading the documents, you take the Quiz then. 1. Select TITANium Communities.

4. At the top right corner, enter “Mihaylo Ethics” on search classes and click Go button. 5. Go through the Mihaylo Ethics course hyperlink. 6. Enter the Enrollment Key: mihayloethics to enroll. 7. Click Mihaylo Ethics to get into this course. 8. Browse the Student Code of Ethics and click Mark Review radio button on the lower still left corner then.

9. Select Ethics Quiz to start your quiz. 10. When the quiz is completed by you, be sure you click Submit all and finish button or your answers will never be kept. The very least score of 12 points must pass the quiz. You might retake the quiz as many times as necessary.

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