Review: New Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad In Siren

Review: New Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad In Siren 1

I was never an enormous lover of the old-style ColorStay quads. I know that many of you like them, but I guess I just never found the “right” one for me; the quads I’ve possessed over the years never really had the staying power that I connect with the ColorStay name.

The ColorStay basis and automatic eyeliners are fantastic and really live up to their long-wear statements for me, but I never found an eyeshadow quad that could do the same just. So I was REALLY hoping these new and improved quads would be a much better fit for me. The Siren quad contains a shimmery icy silver-gray, a shimmery medium steel-grayish-charcoal with silver sparkle, a shimmery taupe and a matte dark charcoal. Apart from the taupe (which is cool but leans a little bit toward neutral), many of these shadows are cool-toned in nature. For those who aren’t big on shimmer, you will need not worry about that with this quad.

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On the skin, I find the shimmery tones in Siren actually translate to a more subdued, satin finish. 3 ( taupe ) from lashline to crease upwards. 1 on my lower lashline. Before I get into the details, Let me say that I don’t care for the fact that the pans in this quad are of varying sizes. For instance, the light silver-gray is the biggest pan, and that’s probably the color I’ll use minimal of most four colors. Since it’s a very pale highlighting kind of shade, I simply don’t think you need to have that a lot of it.

I think the taupe color is the one which most people will grab the most, so it’s too bad it’s in a smaller-sized skillet. Texture and blendability: I think that the texture of the shadows is a nice improvement within the consistency of the old-style quads. They’re clean and silky and quite easy to utilize. I had no issues whatsoever with blending these shadows also.

Pigmentation: These are not high-impact shadows. STAMINA: On my greasy skin, that one didn’t surpass its 16 hour state. Actually, without primer, I noticed fading and creasing within 5-6 hours after program. Do you already own any of the new ColorStay quads? If so, what shades do you own and how do you like them? Do you consider they’re a noticable difference on the old quads? To see all shades in this range, visit the Revlon website here.

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