The Creative Entrepreneur

If you’ve considered starting a business but haven’t because you’ve told yourself, “I’m not smart enough,” this is a study that concludes: It generally does not have a rocket scientist to accumulate wealth. Actually, the study concludes that people of average IQ are in the same way apt to be rich as a person with a high IQ.

To go further, the study found out that individuals of below average intelligence were, overall, nearly as rich as those in similar circumstances but with higher scores on an IQ test. You don’t need to be smart, or a genius to get rich people of high intelligence are just as likely to make poor financial decisions and get themselves into money trouble, even bankruptcy. “Your IQ has really no relationship to your wealth.

In fact I believe these flags have significantly more relevance to vessel hire as it could become both difficult and damp to start the vessels in tough weather. They are very safety orientated and life coats are mandatory. They also have the almost uncanny knack of knowing exactly where you are and if you are in difficulty.

If you take out a habitat (they have three) I suggest you sail upwind of the center and have a glance in the mini-bay in the much corner. This is at night wreck and it is a beautiful scenic place frequented by visiting yachts. They are in the center section of the resort pass on either aspect of Guest Services.

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Here you will see the biggest of the restaurants called Sea Grape as well as the most populated club called the Tepee as this is exactly what it is formed like, an open sided tepee. The planked boardwalk runs along before and between these centers of activity. There are a number of pastel colored rocking chair and side furniture on the boardwalk for sunset watching and relaxing with a drink and, despite them devoid of cushions they may be comfortable fairly.

Probably outdoor cushions would be impractical even though kinder on the backside! Back many years ago this is cramped, and too small but thankfully they have done a great deal of work to revise it. The club itself is designed like a huge hollowed out rectangle with stools on the two longest sides and it usually has two different people serving the beverages and another collecting and cleaning glasses. They serve very reasonable good quality drinks including champagne and wine which mostly taste fine for informal drinking. The sticktails are unlimited and comprehensive served frozen, or with ice, everything from a monitor to a reef in or runner cold offered with a smile and sometimes bar nibbles.

Oh, by the real way, they serve draught ale (Piton from St Lucia) or bottled Carib if you prefer. On the open end to the club are three large storage containers with drinking iced water, iced fruits, and tea flavored water. These you can help yourself from and many wander up from the pool to do just that.