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Paint all of the edges of the frame. We find that spray paint works great, especially when you’re painting a number of frames at the identical time. Over-spray typically does not have an effect on your closing undertaking since you’re covering the frame with fabric. Just watch out if you are using a mild-colored fabric. Let the paint dry.

Cut your piece of fabric to be slightly larger than the body. Use the vast foam brush to apply a good coat of decoupage glue to the front of the body. Make certain that the coverage is equally utilized to all areas of the frame. The trick right here is to not use too much glue, though not enough will trigger the fabric to carry. You’ll need to work shortly for the reason that glue will begin to dry. Once all the glue is applied, decide up the lower piece of fabric and place it over the body. We sometimes start in a single nook and transfer in a clockwise place to be sure that the fabric properly covers the entire body.

Try to not reposition the fabric more than is important. Smooth the fabric into place rubbing out any air bubbles that might seem. Rub your finger along the edges of the body to make sure correct adherence. Be certain to lay your body in the entrance of you in its upright hanging position.

It will let you correctly place the fabric. Let the glue fully dry. Use a razor to cut off the surplus fabric around the outer edge of the fabric. It’ll minimize simply should you hold the excess fabric taut to working the razor blade towards the wooden body.

Cut out the middle in an identical trend. Start in a single nook by feeling the sting of the frame along with your finger and creating a small incision with the blade. Once the outlet is massive enough, you will be in a position to carry the fabric tight to persevere with to chop away the excess fabric.

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Sand all the edges of the body. We like to make use of a sanding block (it saves the fingers). Just wrap a bit of sand paper around the block and your sanding block will last longer. It is helpful to put the body over a sink or between two tables particularly when sanding the center of the body. Always sand away from the fabric.

If you are sanding the outer edge, start along with your sanding block on the sting of the fabric. Slide it in the direction of the back of the body. Don’t sand facet to facet. You’ll discover little stray fibers sticking out; keep sanding! The internal corners can be a bit difficult. You may want to simply use the sanding block (with note paper) to wash up the inside corners.