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When the word automation is described, it is common for people to think of automated testing. But, time and effort can also be preserved by automating other jobs such as producing test data and confirming test outcomes automatically. Several factors are highly recommended for deciding whether to automate an activity or not effectively.

Last year, we had fruitful discussions on this topic within the STS group. Let us see some candidate tasks for automation. Testers spend a lot of time on these jobs. If such tasks are fully or automated partially the kept time can be allocated to testing the operational system. List all the available test cases along with related features, components, and priorities.

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The automation may take the inputs e.g. impacted features and generate the set of test cases that should be executed on the new application build. Automation may be used to help estimate the test effort and period. This can be done predicated on the most well-liked estimation approach. Whether by querying the historical data for real initiatives and durations, or through the use of a custom formula to calculate test work and test duration. Build a library of business rules for your test data. Build the original seed data manually. The automation can use the seed data and generate test data based on the chosen business rules.

Since the test data era is usually consumes much time, the automated era can be carried out ahead of time. Then, the pre-generated test data can be used during test execution straight. This automation can be built into the test automation framework. Whenever an automatic test script confirms an error, it logs into the bug-tracking system and reviews a bug with required information. Such as for example bug name, steps to replicate, test data used, environment used and so on. This automation can perform inquiries against the test management system (and insect monitoring system, if different) and generate test reports. Distribute them by email or publishing to a website Even.

Release notes contain both static and dynamic data. This automation can perform questions on the test management system to get the dynamic data such as features transferred, bug fixes known and handed bugs. Before prioritizing the automation development, always analyze the next factors. In the future, I see a number of such tasks automated by making use of vendor tools or bespoke in-house automation. I want to know if you liked this post. I would love to know your ideas on this topic.

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