MBA Master In Business Management And Marketing

More Information regarding Distance education mba here. DURATION In the conditions “online” and “distance” are granted a period of a year for the conclusion of the Master. If the student, for good reasons, month in advance need a longer period must inform the school one. TUTORIALS The tutorials are conducted by mail, email, or “mailbox” on-line campus.

The “box” connects right to the student with his tutor. CERTIFICATION To proceed with the delivery of MBA Master’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing, students must pass the evaluation exercises of each module. Once past the Master, the training student gets Name certifying and, if required, a transcript. STUDY MATERIAL Online Executive MBA Master in Business Management and MK contains 12 modules. In the “distance” is delivered to the student home folders that contain all the contents of the Master.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES Any student or former pupil of School of Business can make an application for addition of your resume in the work. The Department of Career School of Business is within permanent connection with businesses in the industries related to its educational offerings. This means that the institution in a changing market ahead, new business needs, and companies looking for MBA in entrepreneurship experts trained in our school as a guarantee for the future. School of Business has agreed upon agreements with most major Spanish companies?

Waves and Europe. In addition, School of Business signed an agreement with Life Insurance, which covers all students who practice without any cost or the company or the student. Another factor that attracts many students to join in correspondence courses is its cost factor. To earn an MBA from any traditional business school is an extremely costly affair. That is the reason the majority of the students who cannot afford to invest money go for correspondence MBA like online MBA in IT or professional MBA online.

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