Event Processing Thinking: 1/9/11

You are most likely familiar with the Microsoft air travel simulator, that is seen in the picture, and indeed simulators became quite typical both in games and in training – such as pilot training which for many years seriously use simulators. In a recent blog James Taylor has discussed the difficulty to validate new strategies, since tactical decision is translated to multiple tactical activities and large numbers of functional actions possibly.

Building the simulated BAM is more difficult, first it requires some enhancements on event control technology (which I’ll write in a later post), then it require to codify the functional actions and their effect on KPIs into the system. I view event processing systems with advanced capabilities as a kernel for validation and simulation systems, not only in a corporate strategy level, but also in larger societies, simulating social processes, or the impact of government policies. One of the directions to pursue further – more about this path later.

You want to take pleasure from your meal–but if you have something that is so-so–keep your opinion to yourself and continue with the conversation. If there is something wrong with your meal truly, decide what you need to do–if you must send it it back–do, nicely. But if it was a little underwhelming, eat just a little and be happy you won’t get captured with your mouth full of food frequently. You want to be speaking a complete lot, so don’t get worried if you don’t eat much. Just have your plates cleared whenever your companion’s are, and be thrilled to get the right time to emphasize your skills. And if the meeting is certainly going well and your host wants a sit down elsewhere, by all means have one too.

There have been towns that have turn off bake sales for local nonprofit organizations because they didn’t purchase the proper permits. Police have shut down children’s lemonade stands. Officials have confiscated and/or damaged garden produce because licenses were not to be able all under the guise of trying to ensure people are safe. If you’re a good cook and enjoy doing so you might want to start a business where you cook for individuals who are literally impaired.

You may find that it’s illegal for you to cook meals in your home and take them to your customers, but properly legal for them to hire you to cook those foods in their house. In certain metropolitan areas and communities you may learn that in order to be paid to cut someone’s lawn you have to wait a class and become certified as a yard care technician.

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  • Zoning Permit
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300.00 a calendar year. If you are just attempting to make just a little side money that alone could knock that idea out. Ask questions, learn just as much as you can or you could face fines. You may learn that you live in an certain area where everything is regulated. I hope not, but it does happen. This is a fact of life just. Where you live determines a few of the types of businesses that you could start.

The higher the populace denseness and socioeconomic size your neighborhood is the simpler it will be to begin a micro or cottage business. I am not saying that if you are extremely rural you cannot start a business. Pet sitting or baby sitting businesses have a tendency to prosper in suburban environments.