DevOps Engineer At Adevinta

Our systems are global-scale deployments of different services such as developer efficiency tools, image and message control systems, passive and active security scanning, big data and mapreduce clusters, messaging brokers, database and NoSQL backends and many more. We specifically have to support a huge selection of services and a huge selection of instances for our an incredible number of consumers, using service discovery systems, autoscaling, dynamic load balancing, and routing. Scientists and engineers inside our teams work to make hundreds of millions of user behavior events from all over the world understandable for analysts and business users in the business, daily.

This large data set is also one of the very most diverse data models in the world and we work with the latest data technologies (Spark, AWS services, Kafka). Tens of thousands of duties are running every day to handle data processing careers as of this level. For internal services (like delivery pipelines and build systems), we support greater than a thousand developers and develop a large number of developer productivity utilities to have our developers code more with less hassle.

At all times our technical engineers are just a git clone from real code and our teams are energetic contributors to many public OSS tasks. Deployment and maintenance of directories and data store clusters across multiple datacenters worldwide. Adevinta is an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status.

There are all sorts of opportunities you will need to make in the beginning, such as employing good designers and programmers and UI designers that will combine their skills to make your product as user friendly and efficient as possible. Once you decide to do have something off the ground, and have a small number of customers demonstrating the model’s value, you are likely heading have to reinvest all of your profits – and several more capital – to range the business. You are going to need to expand your data capabilities, security, storage space, keep the team around to take care of maintenance, and deal with any unanticipated conditions that likely will crop up during this hypergrowth stage.

The other negative part of SaaS, beyond the capital-extensive business model, is that it is not a simple product often. As the model itself is easy to understand, actually maintaining the product effectively can be difficult for people who understand all the coding involved even. This may make selling a SaaS product more difficult, when you are looking at a more narrow selection of potential business buyers than, say, somebody who is interested in an Amazon FBA or lead gen business.

When it involves buying a smaller SaaS business, it is rewarding if you actually understand the development or the coding involved with the software. Additionally, you want to ensure that the owner owns all the coding, intellectual property, and branding of the SaaS business. Be sure you are buying the entire deal, not just a portion of the SaaS business. You may absolutely wish to know what the churn rate is (the pace that customers drop off the monthly subscription to the software) as well as the Lifetime Value (LTV) and Cost Acquisition per Customer (CAC).

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  • Bekah Tayer, BBA ’13

These are essential metrics because they are the life signs of the business. In case your CAC is too high, with low of the LTV because of high churn rates too, the SaaS business is not going to be that attractive of a buy. If you don’t be very adept at tweaking and growing various marketing funnels. Finally, when looking for a SaaS business to buy, it is best to buy one that has reached a consistent degree of customer growth versus one which are explosively growing. As mentioned earlier, the explosive growth can lead to quite a lot of problems in terms of scaling everything up appropriately.

It is way better to buy a stable business (more often than not) rather than one that is still going right through a massive development cycle. A well-balanced business will help you more effectively tweak your marketing funnels and optimize the business. If you need more help define your criteria, schedule a call around, we’re pleased to help.