Beauty Pageants For Men?

CARACAS, Venezuela – Contestants parade in swimsuits past a -panel of judges. They’re not Miss World material – there’s the facial hair quite, for starters. Venezuelan men are getting in on the country’s powerhouse reputation in beauty contests. The nation’s women have won crowns in four Miss Universe and five Miss World pageants, but the men appear to be catching up, putting the united states at the vanguard of male modeling. Male pageants are a growing phenomenon worldwide, and other countries that have fared well include Germany, India, Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Brazil.

Since 1998, Venezuela has earned a handful of titles in contests like Mr. International, Manhunt International, and Mr. Intercontinental. Of pumping their biceps for Iron Man-style tournaments Instead, Venezuelans who compete in the contests tend to be less musclebound, who is fit, with attractive encounters. Could it be ‘clean eating’ or orthorexia, an unhealthy obsession with food?

The line between your two can be awfully thin. A Seattle restaurant bubble? Travel Troubleshooter | He canceled his Emirates ticket within a day. “Venezuela is now a force in male contests,” said Alberto Mareiro, chief executive of the Mr. Handsome competition in Venezuela. In a Caracas ballroom recently, contestants competed in swimsuits and formal suits.

The champion, Javier Delgado, went on to contend in Mr. International in Singapore, where he positioned second. Used to be a quite strong machismo mentality “There, which did not accept men competing in beauty contests,” Mareiro said, adding that in recent years, society has been significantly receiving. During tryouts for the Elite Model Venezuela pageant, men in their late teens and 20s entered in swim trunks and were measured early, weighed and asked to walk.

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Judges explained what changes the contestants would need to make before the next casting: Some had a need to lose or gain weight, and most had a need to go to the fitness center to beef up their chests. All were told never to cut their locks. Training for man models has taken off as well at Caracas’ Garbo & Class modeling college. The school’s creator, Alba Achique, once dedicated her classes exclusively to converting little girls into beauty queens, today there are plenty of male students but, too.

The growing focus on male beauty extends to nonmodels as well, and is apparently a growing industry in the South American country. Julia Gonzalez, for one, has opened a chain of spas called “Only For Men,” inspired by her husband’s complaints that he previously to visit some spot to get his feet, hair, and nails done. The spa offers haircuts, facials, waxing, and anti-stress massages.

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