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Vic Smith, CPA, P.C. We are a full-service Accounting firm licensed in AL. We offer a wide range of services for business owners, executives, and indie specialists. We are affordable, experienced, and friendly. Please call us today – we’ll be pleased to offer you a free of charge initial consultation. Protecting your individual possessions has been more important never.

Our accounting services guard your household and optimize all your hard-earned dollars. Are you working your business at peak performance? Ask us to increase efficiency, stay static in compliance, and boost profits and revenue. Don’t pay more in taxes than you have to! Take full advantage of all deductions and credits with our tax planning, compliance, and planning services. There’s a reason QuickBooks is the number one business accounting software. Put this robust software to work for you with QuickBooks training and set up.

The ease of accessing the system to manage payroll ANYWHERE is an advantage. Also, My clients are happy as they don’t have to pay expensive permit fees for other payroll systems. Which perfect plan for each organisation and you only pay as you develop. All plans feature a free 60 day, no obligation, featured trial fully.

PrimePayroll has a bunch of features that make it your HR and payroll solution of preference in today’s business where compliance, convenience and protection are of paramount importance. This enables managers and administrators to access employee records, create new employees and/or manage existing records as required. Employment letters can be auto generated from the system also. With this feature, new employees can get login details, with usage of enter their personal stats, upload passport photos, etc. This saves the HR & Payroll manager the time required to do this for each and every employee.

PrimePayroll automatically sends payslips to employees via email once payroll is generated. They no more need to ask or follow up with HR for position of their wages. PFA’s and HMO’s can be configured such that employee information are related to these records. PrimePayroll then automatically computes regular monthly emoluments predicated on percentage contributions by both the employer and worker.

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Health programs and capitations are set up and therefore constitute deductions made on a monthly basis for any employees depending on your choice or construction. This saves precious regular monthly computation time. These can be put into particular pay periods for some set of employees. If you spend times or weeks computing payroll you will see this feature both fascinating and time saving.

At employee set up, there is an automated linkage to a predefined system pay structure. This enables produced payroll monthly with all necessary calculations accurately computed automatically. With PrimePayroll, you can configure with a higher degree of versatility tax formula’s and relief that prevail in your country of residence. It comes out of the box pre-configured with the Nigerian PIT/PAYE laws. PrimePayroll integrates to your certified Electronic money transfer system PrimePay predicated on NIBSS (Nigerian Interbank Settlement System) for the execution of the payment advice produced by PrimePayroll to achieve direct credit of personnel bank accounts.

This eliminates the necessity to send payment guidelines to your loan provider and pursuing up for payment, as everything is at your control consistent with CBN’s electronic payment mandate. PrimePayroll can also generate payment advice for other accredited digital payment systems in the country. You can choose how often employees get to celebrate payday: weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, or monthly. Also you can set up your company’s salary framework as you want – fixed per employee, or as a cascading structure of quantities linked with quality levels and steps.

PrimePayroll facilitates the importation of attendance information from exterior Time & Attendance systems such as Biometric T & A systems. These details then acts as input for payroll computation, predicated on predefined guidelines. PrimePayroll includes a very solid reporting framework that enables you run several detailed payroll reports and with numerous filters to streamline the effect set as necessary for decision making.