Bilateral Proprioceptive Stall In Aging Dogs

Titan has recently been diagnosed by his vet with bilateral propriocetive stall (BPS). Titan is nearing his twelfth birthday so he is pretty old for his breed. BPS does not just affect older dogs, they have multiple causes and make a difference dogs at any age for various reasons. Due to Titan’s age group and good quality of life we are currently not treating his BPS. BPS is a progressive state in ageing dogs and can continue to aggravate over time.

Titan and I return for veterinary check ups every half a year to monitor his progress and re-evaluate his plan of care. Titan is still excited to go out for long walks and he eats well and wines well on his own initiative. He does not have any pain in his limbs or back no matter his current condition. I am not a veterinarian. I am simply using my experience with my maturing dog to share some of the exchanges that happen as dogs age in general.

Please see your vet for any questions or concerns relating to your dogs health, or if you think your pet may have BPS too. Bilateral Proprioceptive Stall can affect young dogs and puppies, however in young dogs it is do to severe accident usually, injury or infection and can be caused as a secondary issue after spinal infection or severe seizures.

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  • Feeling of extreme thirst, frequent urination
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In older dogs the condition occurs as aging processes have an effect on the spinal-cord and nerve innervation, it is a sluggish progressive illness. Supporting your dog through BPS is a huge decision. Some owners will too make the decision not. It is PROGRESSIVE, and is the start of elderly decline. You can lengthen your dog’s standard of living by increasing their fitness level through therapeutic going swimming but you can only just lengthen their life and reduce their suffering.

You cannot cure the condition. It will result in incontinence first of stool Ultimately, than of urine and stool and finally behavioural changes like aggressiveness, confusion and loss of urge for food and lack of curiosity about drinking until no standard of living remains. This is a right time to make recollections and determine what your limitations are emotionally and financially. Get professional help through the pre-grieving and grieving process if you want too. Our Weimaraner, Titan, is 14 years old. When he was diagnosed with a urinary tract disease first, we were relieved that it was easily treatable. Then it happened again.

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