The Beginner’s Makeup Kit Must Haves

Gooood evening, or morning, depending on what your location is in this global world. Since I talked about the best of drugstore makeup yesterday, I thought “why not make a post about a beginner’s must haves?” today! When I first started venturing into makeup, I had a tough time searching for a post on what to buy as a beginner.

Now, because the makeup world has developed into a huge, beaten for the Gods monster, I’m sure this type of post is almost everywhere from Twitter to Blogspot to YouTube. But hey man, I just thought I’d write my own. So, on to the post! Foundation is vital for a clean, flawless bottom that makes your lifestyle depending on your skin layer type and firmness, of course. Foundation comes in many forms such as liquid or powder. As a beginner, I don’t recommend you to spend plenty of money on base, or any other product, actually.

Take your time and effort to test different types of basis and what suits you best. Also, do not purchase your foundation based on how many other people tell you to buy, without any knowledge of the type of epidermis you have as well as your personal needs. When possible, asks for testers and try it out on a day out.

Once you’re comfortable and at ease the product, only make the purchase then. This you can get either through a palette or eyeshadow singles. I personally recommend a palette because it will be easier that you can mix and match the shades to figure out exactly what will be your go to look.

Take your time and effort to swatch the eyeshadows, making sure they suit your undertone (warm or cool). The best kind of eyeliner for a newbie has to be a felt suggestion eyeliner pen! The durability of the felt tip allows you to achieve your wing with no fuss. A liquid eyeliner is something that would take more practice, in my opinion, because of the brush used.

Opt for something that’s intense, but still foolproof. Doing your eyebrows can be intimidating and the biggest struggle if you are not blessed with brows like Cara Delevigne’s. So, get an eyebrow pencil rather than powder and wax, to practice how you’d like them stuffed in, arched and everything that nutrients. Make sure you get a tone that fits your brow and origins!

The biggest mistake anyone can do (even myself) is to buy an eyebrow pencil too light, causing you to look crazy, or just really bold. Mascara should be chosen base on either volume, length or curl. Drugstore mascaras do as well as high end mascaras the majority of the time just, so don’t wish to buy a RM70 mascara when you’re able to get a RM30 mascara that performs just as well!

  • EXFOLIATE – exfoliate 8X more effectively than manually
  • 1: “Yeah yeah! They… went berserk on our dogs almost!”
  • David Tyrrell, Global Skincare Analyst, Mintel
  • Pure hydration comforting serum, Waitrose, £7 for 30ml
  • 7 years back from France (Canadian expat)

Lipstick usually helps tie up in the entire look. For your first buy, get something in an all natural or soft tone such as mauve or pink shades (depending on your skin build and undertone!!!). I will suggest a mauve well developed lipstick because it can continually be brought from day to night time. If you’re into the matte look, go ahead and get a matte lipstick! But, if you are anyone who has issues with your lips getting dry, do decide on a satin finish lipstick as matte lipstick can dry out your lips and make sure they are look shriveled.

I have never been one to really want or need a ton of coverage, and I have very delicate epidermis that is susceptible to discomfort or breakouts when subjected to new products. As a result, I have more often than not been exclusively a powder foundation wearer, and my go-to was the Laura Mercier Mineral Powder. As the seasons changed, I came across myself looking a little powdery with the Laura Mercier too, and I wanted to explore various other options. Months later, I tried the L’Oreal Pro Matte base.

There was so much that I liked concerning this foundation. The coverage was good but not too much (particularly when sheered out with a bending sponge), the final was nice, and it stayed on my skin each day. But, it was only a little too matte for me. Then i tried the L’Oreal Pro Glow foundation as it had received excellent reviews and seemed a logical deviation from the Pro Matte. This one had all the same positives of the Pro Matte, except with a much more beautiful finish. I liked how my epidermis appeared really.