Main Function FROM THE UPS

Main Function FROM THE UPS 1

Uninterruptible power (UPS abbreviated) is a tool that typically uses a battery backup as a substitute power ration, to May provide uninterrupted power for electronic devices attached. UPS can be an electrical power source system, which is very important, and necessary as well as serve as a fortress of power failure and harm to systems and hardware.

UPS systems will become a very important and incredibly necessary in many telecommunications providers, information services, Internet service providers, and more. Can see right now how big their loss related to power failure if the functional system is not guarded by UPS. When normal PLN Electricity, of the adapter (the group of the most left) will produce voltage 12 – 13 volt / 5 ampere. This voltage is used to fill mengoprasikan UPS battery and for that reason this UPS if you plan to load an increased modifikasilah of this series that have an increased ampere. When electricity PLN suppressed, the foundation voltage will change to the battery pack.

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UPS serves to ensure that electronic devices will still get power when a sudden stream of electricity to die. UPS will be automatically turned to the swiftness of 0.004 seconds of electric current to power the batteries, so that electronic devices remain lit. UPS is a lot used primarily for electronic devices that need to be constantly on during the work, like a PC (personal computer). The electric current sudden death can result in damage to computer equipment as well. We know that PLN conduct electrical current extinction without prior notice often, or make cuts running business hours.

1. Can provide temporary electrical energy when a charged power failure at the main power. Provide sufficient time opportunity to immediately turn on the main electricity generator as a substitute. 3. Securing personal computers from electrical disruptions that can disrupt a computer system in the form of harm to software, hardware, or data damage.

4. UPS automatically to perform the stabilization voltage when the insight voltage changes so that the output voltage used by the computer system by means of the steady voltage. 5. UPS can do the analysis and management of his own which makes it easier for users to foresee if you will see a disruption to the system. User-friendly and easy in set up. Users can control the UPS with a LAN network by adding a few accessories are required. 9. Can be integrated with the web network. 10. Notification in case of failure by setting up the UPS management software.

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