BellaBeat Leaf Review: GETTING STARTED OFF WITH The Leaf Fitness And Health Tracker

BellaBeat Leaf Review: GETTING STARTED OFF WITH The Leaf Fitness And Health Tracker 1

The Leaf syncs with the BellaBeat Health app, which also connects to the Apple Health app. It tracks your daily activity, sleep, water intake, meditation, stress levels, and your period. In the settings, you can arranged personalized goals for daily activity, sleep, and meditation. You can set individualized alarms and inactivity alerts from the device settings also. The Leaf tracks your steps and daily activity, including providing an estimate of how many calories you burned during each activity.

You can also by hand add the particular exercises you participated in, such as cycling or yoga, for a far more accurate calorie count. It is important to go in to the application and change the positioning settings if you decide to change how you are putting on your Leaf, usually the experience monitoring feature gained’t be as accurate. To get this done, you have to go into the settings on the click and app on the device settings.

Changing the settings can be considered a little cumbersome since you have to click on through several menus. I hope future updates for the app move this feature to the true home screen in the app. The most accurate placement during most types of exercise appears to be clipped to your belt or pants. The BellaBeat Leaf will track your sleep habits if it is worn while you sleep. It can monitor how long you are taken by it to fall asleep, how long you spend in light and deep sleep, so when you awaken. In the app, you can set a personalized sleep goal. This tracker promotes one to reach your sleep goal, but it doesn’t seem to consider oversleeping into consideration.

For example, if you sleep for 9-10 hours, it says you have enough rest, which reduces your predicted stress levels, but says nothing about oversleeping. Personally i think that oversleeping too much could suggest that you are overstressed, or that melancholy symptoms are getting worse, which should be taken into consideration when calculating the stress resistance data.

The BellaBeat Health app can help you track your daily water intake in a couple of ways. You are able to manually type in how much water you drink, or you can pair the BellaBeat Spring smart water bottle to the application as well as the Leaf. The Spring smart water bottle automatically tracks how much drinking water you drink every day and sends you reminders if it notices that you haven’t been drinking enough.

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I’m not sure how useful the Spring water bottle really is, but it can be an option if you want extra reminders to remain hydrated. There are several guided meditations that you can access directly from the BellaBeat Health app. The first one I tried was the “Deep Ocean Ambient Journey” meditation.

This meditation began with the terrible squawking of seagulls, so I quickly exited that yoga and attempted the “Calming Anxiety” yoga instead. That one was much better. The application also allows you to manually enter meditation if you would like to meditate on your own without using one of the included guided meditations. For accurate meditation tracking, BellaBeat recommends that you clip your Leaf to your jeans such that it can more accurately monitor your respiration.

The stress monitoring feature is a little bit complicated to interpret. It uses data from the sleep, activity, meditation, and period tracking to predict the stress levels you might be experiencing. These data points are displayed on a graph when you click “Stress tracking” in the app. The graph displays red when the application thinks you are experiencing high levels of stress, orange if you might be experiencing some stress, and green whenever your stress is under control. It takes a couple of days of gathering data for the strain tracker to work properly. One of the primary differences between the Leaf and other fitness trackers would be that the Leaf may be used to track your period.