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The last time Trish competed on stage. Things could soon be a-changing very. To produce a presence in the industry, one may need to change directions to achieve their ultimate goals. Camala Rodquriez-McClure switched from fitness to figure and would go on to win several titles, including the 2015 Figure International Championship. Which brings me to this…is one of the biggest brands in the fitness department finally making the step to a different division that suits her body type and training more?

I’m referring to one of FitGems Nation’s favorite competition, Trish Warren. For anybody that has followed the industry for at least days gone by decade, Trish has been one of the top fitness competitors on the planet, contending on multiple Olympias and Arnolds. The last time she stepped on stage is at 2015 through the Arnold Sports Festival. On public media, she has all but verified that she’s taking her fitness journey to the next level. Looking at her social mass media, it doesn’t have a genius to figure out what that next level is.

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I’ll offer you a hint…Juliana Malacarne just happens to be the existing queen of that division. Going back few weeks, we’ve noticed some ordinary reasons for having Trish that she’s not done before just as much as she’s doing now. For one, she’s flexing a bit quite, and by quite a bit, A LOT is intended by me.

At first I thought it was one particular “She’s embracing her physique a little more. ” kind of things…and there’s nothing at all wrong with that. Heck, in truth, I have no concern with that whatsoever. You devote the hard work in the fitness center and in your eating, it’s only right that you embrace your physique at all you can.

But then May 13th happened. On a Friday the 13th This might have been submitted, but there was nothing “misfortune” about this at all. What’s so special about May 13th, you ask? She submitted the above photo on her cultural mass media accounts…and I made a comment about this she would be ideal for the women’s entire body division despite being truly a fitness female through and through, but it was just one single guy’s opinion. She replied with the next: “I like your opinion! Stay tuned…” Right there, my center skipped a beat and my mind held say one term over and over again…”Game…changer”.

Should Trish be switching divisions, this may be a huge thing for not only Trish, but for the department itself. I’ve seen videos from the Arnold and Olympia from that 12 months. I’ve seen photos from those shows. That look might not have been awarded so well (which made me unfortunate), but I dare that you can show me how will you NOT be studied aback by that. Today Centered off that look and the women’s physique guidelines, she’d be winning shows still left and right.

Maybe Trish’s best look (muscle-wise) to date. Something else that has caught my attention: She actually is transformed her training up a good little bit. Her training (according to Trish herself) used to be light weights and high repetitions for fitness in the fitness department. She is now doing heavier weight training exercise (and I’m assuming lower repetitions, but I’m not entirely sure) which is something she hasn’t done. I want to make is clear…WE’RE not saying Trish is heading to women’s physique abundantly. We’re just saying that signs seem to be leaning toward that based off her own words and photos.