2014 Dodge Viper TA

Full Correction

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Job Description

Viper2014-14S Viper2014-13S Viper2014-12S Viper2014-11S Viper2014-10S Viper2014-9S Viper2014-8S Viper2014-7S Viper2014-6S Viper2014-5S Viper2014-4S Viper2014-3S Viper2014-2S Viper2014-1SThis 2014 Dodge Viper TA came to us with only 213 miles on the on the odometer. The owner brought the Viper to us in Cumming, GA. The vehicle had been previously detailed new and was not done anywhere near to the owners satisfaction. We spent 25 hours going back over the paint doing our Full Correction Package.

Projects Details

  • great stuff
  • can
  • third in a row
  • citrus wash to correct and filter
  • last thing on the list
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