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What can our performance division do for you? Great question! With the luxury of having a performance division in house, it only adds to the ability to do everything in a “one stop shop” environment. Just get a new vehicle? Want to make that vehicle stand out from new? We can make that happen. Anything from simple bolt on’s, wheels and tires, suspension; or go really extreme with make 2 or 3x more horsepower over factory.

With having two of the best performance mechanics in the industry in house, along with a GM who has made a name for himself in the aftermarket performance industry, you know that you will be in the right hands. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity with our customers. We never sell a customer something they do not need or push a customer into a build or parts that they do now want.

Our own shop cars are a twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and a 1600 rwhp 5th Gen. Dodge Viper. We have experience with fast cars. Follow our BLOG to see the latest updates on cars we have built.


Buy That Performance Vehicle

We can help locate you the perfect platform for a performance vehicle that you want. Once we have it, we can help you start the modifications.

Nationally Known

Having owned shop cars that held Standing Half Mile Records, to winning classes at plenty of Standing Half Mile events, we have the expertise to get you to where you want to be.

Basic Bolt On's or BPU

We can help you start with just getting the basic upgrades done to improve the performance and ascetics of your vehicle. We will guide you to the path that best suits your short and long term goals.

Knowledge and Experience

Having employees that have built some of the fastest street/strip cars in the county, to a GM who has been around the performance industry for a decade. We have the experience and know-how to know what is best for each vehicle.

Ultra Responsive

We look out for our customers. That means their time as well. We give you honest and reasonable time lines to ensure your vehicle is started on and completed promptly.

Our Facility

We have built an automotive facility that is geared towards being able to offer the best experience, while keeping it inside a facility that is meant for the best of the best.

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