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CQuartz Ceramic Paint Coatings

CQuartz Professional Ceramic Coating
( 2 – 3 year lifespan )

CQuartz Professional nano coating was developed for CarPro professional detailers and for their clients in need of a professionally installed ceramic coating. Based on advances over the past 6 years in CQuartz nanotechnology, this formula is infused with fluorocarbon composite and SiO2 with modified nanoparticles to provide an extremely reflective shine and rich, deep gloss! While increasing the hardness of the paint, CQuartz Professional, also rejects contaminants, bird and bug stains, and a variety of environmental contaminants. CQuartz Pro. can also be applied to your wheels to prevent brake dust build up!


  • High gloss finish
  • 2-3 year lifespan
  • Very low water spotting
  • Fast flashing / fast curing
  • 3~13pH resistant
  • High density / anti abrasion
  • Very hydrophobic –110° , low sliding angle – 10°
  • Apply to any surface except windscreen.
CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating
( 3 – 5 year lifespan )
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CQuartz Finest Reserve is an entirely new technology developed to carry the torch for the ultimate development of the CarPro line of advanced nanotechnology coatings! Reserve is an extremely complex hybrid blend of sio2 infused epoxy nano particles. This Next-Gen technology utilizes an advanced hybrid nano structural composition, which bridges the gap between ceramic and organic materials creating an extremely high gloss, dense nano-coat! The new Finest Reserve is extremely resistant to water spots, acids, solvents, ice, oils, dirt, UV, and all manner of environmental attacks!


  • Highest gloss finish
  • 3 – 5 year lifespan
  • Very low water spotting
  • Fast flashing / fast curing
  • 3~13pH resistant
  • High density / anti abrasion
  • Very hydrophobic –110° , low sliding angle – 10°
  • Apply to any surface except windscreen.


What are the benefits of a CQuartz ceramic coating?
  • Your vehicle is easier to wash / maintain.
  • Vehicle stays looking glossy.
  • You don’t have to clay, polish or wax your vehicle every couple of months.
What does the CQuartz coating application include?
  • 2-bucket wash
  • Clay Bar
  • Complete decontamination of paint
  • 1-Step Polish | New Car Prep (Required for CQuartz application)
  • Eraser wipe down (removes any residue / leftover contaminants)
  • Application of CQuartz Ceramic Paint Coating
  • Vacuum interior
  • Clean all windows
  • Dust all interior surfaces
  • Apply tire shine
Can CQuartz be applied over paint protection film / clear bra?
  • Yes, ceramic coatings can be applied on top of clear bra / paint protection film. You receive the same hydrophobic and dirt repellency as you would with it being applied to your paint. It will also provide a higher gloss finish to the clear bra!
Does CQuartz prevent swirl marks?
  • CQuartz does resist swirls from washing better than any coating on the market. No ceramic coating will be able to prevent swirls. With proper care and washing procedures, the CQuartz coating you can drastically reduce them.
Should I let the dealership detail my vehicle?
  • Never allow a car dealership to wash your vehicle. They do not understand how to, nor do they have the time or equipment to do so, without adding swirls into your paint’s perfect finish.
How long should I wait before washing my car with soap?
  • You should wait a minimum of 5 days before washing with soap or using cleaners.
How long until my car can get wet?
  • 12-24 hours after your vehicle was coated, it can be exposed to water.
What products can I use to maintain my CQuartz coating?
  • If you do not have us maintain your vehicle we recommend using a CarPro RaceGlaze Wool Wash Mitt with CarPro Reset Shampoo and dry with a CarPro BOA Fat Drying Towel. All of these items are available for purchase in our facility!
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