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After expanding last month, we spent the last two weeks renovating both sides of the shop. The shop is a lot brighter now and much more clean looking. We wanted to elevate the level of the shop to match the clientele and vehicles we commonly see. With the new side we have now expanded into storing vehicles and offering a photography section. With our renovations nearly complete and our resent expansion, we wanted to thank our customers who got us here. With that, we will be offering 10% off all Detailing Services through August 1st. Please visit our website, or give us a call at the shop, 470-297-8301.


Customer brought us his GTR that was in need one some serious TLC. This GTR had a PPF Kit done by another shop that was nothing short of horrendous. Customer wanted the old kit stripped off and the full front end done. On top of the PPF work, the customer wanted to have our Full Detail Package done to clean up the holograms induced by previous detailers and to remove a good percentage of the scratches. Once done, the customer really wanted to have great protection to the rest of the paint. Customer decided to go with our CQuartz Finest coating. This really make the black paint look wet while allowing the flake to really pop in the paint.

Below shows how the original PPF was done by another shop. Film did not go anywhere close to the edges and left many exposed areas. Even have very large patch pieces that easily showed from [...]
This 2014 Dodge Viper TA came to us with only 213 miles on the on the odometer. The owner brought the Viper to us in Cumming, GA. The vehicle had been previously detailed new and was not done anywhere near to the owners satisfaction. We spent 25 hours going back over the paint doing our Full Correction Package.

Below is how this Dodge Viper looked when it was dropped off to us. Even at this distance, the paint does not look like it should.


Paint is looking a little dirty.


Here in the sun, you can see the damage done by a less experience detailer. Prior to washing the fillers out of the paint, we can still tell the level of work we will be needing to preform.

Many of our customers bring us new vehicles. Many people ask us why we do so many new vehicles. What some do not realize is that, even from the factory or dealership, scratches and swirls can be induced and take away from the finish of a brand new vehicle. Sometimes vehicles will need some level of correction to bring the beauty of the color up to ours and the owners standards. On the rare occasions, vehicles will need our Full Correction Package. It is always best to bring a new vehicle to us to give you our recommendations on what the vehicles need.

With many new vehicles, they are not only brought to us to fix the issues that were present when new, but also to give them a good start in life. It is always best to keep your brand new vehicle looking brand new for years to come. With our Paint Protection [...]

How CarPro CQuartz FINEST works

CQuartz FINEST uses serious science to protect your car’s paint.

CQuartz Finest represents the ultimate development of the CarPro line of advanced nanotechnology coatings. A professional ceramic hybrid sealant with hardness, hydrophobicity, film thickness, dirt-repellency, and gloss all pushed to the max in order to create the Finest protection system for cars and motorcycles on the market. Available exclusively through our Finest Detailers, CQuartz Finest is backed by industry-leading scientific testing, and is equipped with a 2-Year warranty against, fading peeling, or loss of significant gloss. Developed with professional detailers in mind, CQuartz Finest has been thoroughly trialed all over the world in order to guarantee its performance and reliability in the harshest possible conditions. From the arctic cold of the Finnish winter, to the blazing summer heat of the Australian outback, CarPro’s CQuartz Finest has become the nano-coating of choice for detailers around the world striving to give their [...]

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