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Alpha 9 Performance Package Upgrade Installation!

Check out one of our most recent performance upgrades available for your R35 GT-R!

Hello everyone! We wanted to share with you one of our recent builds we have completed. Recently, we had a customer purchase a used GT-R from us. He hasn’t even driven the car and wants to add more power! We suggested that he add the AMS Alpha9 Performance Package to his newly purchased GT-R. Without hesitation, he agreed and we began the tear down process. The customer will be bringing the GT-R back to us within a few months to perform more upgrades to maximize the potential this Alpha 9 Package has. Below we have listed the benefits and potential (with supporting mods) this package could achieve.

  • Better performance than any supercar available
  • Capable of Over 205mph in the standing mile
  • Reliable 500+ horsepower increase over stock
  • OEM-like fit and finish
  • 115% gain in horsepower with stock-like drivability
  • 9 second quarter mile achievable on pump gas


Modifications for this build include:

  • Alpha 90mm Downpipes
  • Alpha 90mm Mid-pipe
  • Alpha 9 Billet Wheel Upgraded Turbochargers
  • Alpha Spec Wastegate Actuators
  • ETS Street front mount intercooler
  • Alpha Induction Kit with Go Fast Bits
  • Cobb AccessPORT Tuning System
  • ID1000 Injectors
  • Twin Walbro 225 Fuel Pumps
  • Custom Dyno Tune



The first step in this process includes removal of the engine. A lot of man hours goes into the removal of the engine.

img_3606 img_3605img_3607img_3612img_3609img_3616


After the engine has been removed from the vehicle, it is time to take off the factory turbos and hard lines. img_3703img_3673img_3669img_3671img_3682


Once these were removed, we proceeded to install all of the supplied AMS lines and accessories onto the new Alpha9 turbos.

img_3677 img_3685


Next, we installed the fully assembled Alpha9 turbos and verified clocking.

img_3692 img_3695


Now that everything is installed and clocked properly, we had to make sure that the waste gate actuators are properly synced.

img_3697 img_3780 img_3782


We then proceeded to install the turbo inlet and outlet piping.

img_3738 img_3740 img_3734 img_3787


With everything being installed on the engine and tested, it’s time to mount the engine back into the chassis and upload a base map tune. After everything was up and running a custom dyno tune was performed to get the most out of all the upgrades we just completed to this GT-R.

img_3858 dsc_8884 dsc_8887


Here are the final dyno tune results!



Check out some more images of the build process and final images of the GT-R ready for delivery to its new owner!

img_0197 img_0203 img_0207 img_0212 img_0215 img_0217 img_3705 img_3737 img_3623 img_3626 img_3621 img_3629 img_3635 img_3742 img_3777 img_3784 img_3786

Feel free to call, email or stop by our facility anytime! We would love to hear from you soon.





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