1969 Camaro Z28 RS

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Owner sought us out to bring his 1969 Z28 RS up to the level, a vehicle of this condition, deserved. Owner wanting a complete show level detail done and every area of the car touched. We stored the car for a month prior to working on it, till we had a complete week open to work on the car. Once started, it was a very long journey that ended with this Camaro looking better than it ever did leaving the show room in May of 1969.

After seeing the car, we decided to go with our Full Correction Package. After doing the full correction and bringing the condition of the vehicle up to better than new, the owner wanted everything coated to help preserve the job and maintain the look for years to come. We coated nearly every inch of this car. From the paint all the way down to the full interior. CQuartz Finest [...]

This was a customer of ours from Tennessee. He drove 3 hours down to leave with Stingray with us to get our Entry Level Full Detail Package & CQuartz Finest paint coating. Owner wanted this limit color, Velocity Yellow to look the best it could. While it was here, we also had the wheels removed and completely coated in CQuartz Finest as well. This will help in the future for brake dust and grime from sticking to the wheel. While the wheels were off we also preformed a Suspension Detail to make the car as a whole look brand new.

When the owner arrived back a few days later to pick up the car. We were out front taking pictures of it. He was immediately blown away with how much more glossy and bright it was. Kept saying “I need to wear my sunglasses just to look at it. Wow!” Which he was right, this [...]

A customer of ours from Chicago, IL contacted us about having his Performantes’ paint restored while it was down here in Atlanta. Car was new to the owner and was evident that is had never seen any sort of detailing in its short life. The only thing this paint had been detailed with, was most likely, hundreds of automated car washes. We went with our Full Correction Package as that would be the only thing that would bring the level of the paint up the type of vehicle it was. Once our Full Correction package was preformed, we then topped the paint with CQuartz Finest. When you want your paint to look the best it can, for many years, CQuartz Finest is the best choice you can make.

Once we got the car, we saw just how bad the paint really was. It was also evident that the old paint protection film that was [...]

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