1999 Dodge Viper ACR Detailing Restoration

Customer brought us his 1999 Dodge Viper ACR. It was a new to him vehicle and the previous owners never took care of it. The paint showed many years of neglect and looked as if it had been washed with a brillo pad for most of its life. The owner wanted us to bring the vehicle back to life. Doing our Full Correction Package and CQuartz Finest application to protect the paint after detailing. We took the seats out of the interior and shampooed the carpet. With the seats out, the owner decided he also wanted to bring the seats back to life. After a good cleaning, we also decided to give the seats years of protection by coating them with Optimum Leather Coating. This gave the seats a deep black look and will help protect them from years of grime.

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People ask us all the time if coatings really are worth it. I always give the same answer of, “If you really want to get the most bang for your buck. Really want to take your paint to the next level. Really want to make maintenance a breeze, then absolutely.” A customer of ours, who is a firm believer in the coatings, has it applied to all of his vehicles. The first vehicle he ever had done with us was a 2012 Nissan GTR Black Edition. He had it applied in November or December of 2011. The owner has done nothing more than keep his vehicle washed regularly. He contacted me and decided to bring it in, to have the old coating stripped off and reapplied. Since it had been so long, he had gotten his monies worth and wanted to get the car freshened up.

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A customer of ours from Southlake, TX dropped their “new to them” 1988 Turbo Slantnose off to us on its way from Atlanta. This car had never been detailed properly and was in bad need of our Full Correction Package. These cars are extremely rare, with only 147 being made in 1988. Less, 60, being made in 1989. It was a privilege working on this car as a real one is extremely rare to come across. This car had a massive turn around and really came out looking phenomenal when it left.

How the paint looked in the sun prior to any work being done. The car looked great from 10-15′ as it was well kept and waxed. But up-close in the sun…was a different story.

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