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2014 Dodge Viper TA Full Correction

This 2014 Dodge Viper TA came to us with only 213 miles on the on the odometer. The owner brought the Viper to us in Cumming, GA. The vehicle had been previously detailed new and was not done anywhere near to the owners satisfaction. We spent 25 hours going back over the paint doing our Full Correction Package.

Below is how this Dodge Viper looked when it was dropped off to us. Even at this distance, the paint does not look like it should.


Paint is looking a little dirty.


Here in the sun, you can see the damage done by a less experience detailer. Prior to washing the fillers out of the paint, we can still tell the level of work we will be needing to preform.


Once all the fillers are washed and stripped from the paint, inside under better controlled lights, you can see the full extent of the damage. The black paint has a solid gray look to it. Not the deep wet black look that a vehicle of this caliber should look.


The roof we decided to do a perfect line through to really show the difference a proper detailing can make. We do not hide anything. Before this shot was taken the paint was wiped down with an alcohol solution to make sure there were not fillers or oils left on the paint to hide any imperfections. The black paint will soon look like it should.


After spending 25 hours detailing and doing a Full Correction, the paint now looks 100x better. It looks extactly like a TA edition Viper should look. Black now has that deep wet ink look.









Here we show the overall difference our Full Correction made during the detailing process. This shot was preformed within an inch of its original location. Lighting and everything was taken the exact same. This can give you the best idea of what the level of detailing we do here at Shine Auto Salon is.


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