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CQuartz Finest

How CarPro CQuartz FINEST works

CQuartz FINEST uses serious science to protect your car’s paint.

CQuartz Finest represents the ultimate development of the CarPro line of advanced nanotechnology coatings. A professional ceramic hybrid sealant with hardness, hydrophobicity, film thickness, dirt-repellency, and gloss all pushed to the max in order to create the Finest protection system for cars and motorcycles on the market. Available exclusively through our Finest Detailers, CQuartz Finest is backed by industry-leading scientific testing, and is equipped with a 2-Year warranty against, fading peeling, or loss of significant gloss. Developed with professional detailers in mind, CQuartz Finest has been thoroughly trialed all over the world in order to guarantee its performance and reliability in the harshest possible conditions. From the arctic cold of the Finnish winter, to the blazing summer heat of the Australian outback, CarPro’s CQuartz Finest has become the nano-coating of choice for detailers around the world striving to give their clients the very best in beauty and protection for their vehicles.
CQ Finest Nanotechnology

CQuartz FINEST nanotech ceramic automotive paint coating

Protect your car’s paint with CQuartz FINEST automotive paint coating

CQuartz Finest’s astounding performance characteristics are formulated from the start, beginning with the hybrid blend of both Organic and Inorganic Silanes it contains. Silanes are the building blocks of nanotechnology, and are used in the manufacture of high-grade nanoscale materials, as well as bonding them together at a molecular level to form complex 3-Dimensional structures.

In CQuartz Finest, these hybrid Silanes react with oxygen and atmospheric humidity (H2O) to cross-link two dissimilar elements: inorganic SiO2 (Silicone Dioxide; better known as Quartz.), and organic Nano-Crystalline Cellulose (Known in the industry as NCC.). Together they form an incredibly tough nanocomposite material, which shares a covalent (Chemical) bond with the paint surface.

In essence, CQuartz Finest’s protection, hydrophobicity, gloss, and dirt-repellency become an integral part of your vehicle. Overall surface-hardness is increased by up to 2* on the Mohs Scale, providing significant protection against fine scratches and swirls, as well as sheltering the finish from countless environmental hazards (Including strong Acids, Alkalis, and UV-Radiation.) behind a glass-like nano-ceramic coating.

To care for and maintain your CQuartz Finest coating it should be regularly washed by hand using a Merino Wool mitt, a mild pH-neutral automotive shampoo of your choice (Preferably without waxes, or gloss-enhancers), and dried with high quality microfiber drying towel. We highly recommend the Dry Me Crazy Towel. Every 3-6 months depending upon usage, the vehicle should be fully decontaminated using Iron X, if needed to maintain the full performance of the coating. Afterwards, you may treat the finish with either CarPro Reload or Hydro2 should you feel like it is necessary, as these are highly compatible with your CQuartz Finest coating.

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