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Brand new vehicles & detailing.

Many of our customers bring us new vehicles. Many people ask us why we do so many new vehicles. What some do not realize is that, even from the factory or dealership, scratches and swirls can be induced and take away from the finish of a brand new vehicle. Sometimes vehicles will need some level of correction to bring the beauty of the color up to ours and the owners standards. On the rare occasions, vehicles will need our Full Correction Package. It is always best to bring a new vehicle to us to give you our recommendations on what the vehicles need.

With many new vehicles, they are not only brought to us to fix the issues that were present when new, but also to give them a good start in life. It is always best to keep your brand new vehicle looking brand new for years to come. With our Paint Protection Film, we cover the front ends to help protect against rock chips and scratches. With our coatings, we keep the vehicles looking new, glossy and waxed for years to come. This allows for the best start for a brand new vehicle.

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